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With over a decade of experience, our team at Beaumont Concrete Contractors is dedicated to delivering top-quality concrete construction. From installation to repair of concrete surfaces and structures, to enhancing the appearance through stamping and staining, we’ve got you covered. Servicing Beaumont and the surrounding areas, we offer superior concrete solutions.

Concrete is strong, affordable, & versatile. Why settle for brick or wood when you can choose extremely durable concrete? Our stamped and stained options allow you to customize your finish and make it one-of-a-kind. Let our team of experienced contractors bring your home or light commercial project to life quickly and affordably.

Our goal – delivering outstanding quality whilst simplifying our building projects. We aim to make the building process as simple and stress-free as possible. Our pricing is transparent, and our goal is to exceed your expectations with a product you’ll love forever.

So why is choosing Beaumont Concrete Contractors the smart choice? Schedule a consultation today and see for yourself why we’re the go-to Beaumont concrete contractor for so many home owners in Texas.

About Our Team of Concrete Contractors

At Beaumont Concrete Contractors, our team of seasoned concrete contractors boasts years of experience delivering unparalleled service and outstanding workmanship. From custom concrete patios to stamped driveways and beyond, we are the go-to experts in the field.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Every project is approached with care and dedication, and we won’t rest until you are completely satisfied with the end result. Our skilled staff is knowledgeable in all facets of concrete construction. Rest assured – your project will be in the best of hands.

Concrete may be durable, but as it is usually exposed to harsh conditions, it does require periodic maintenance, and on occasion, some repairs. Don’t worry, we are the best Beaumont concrete company to assist with any upkeep or maintenance needs.

If you’re in search of a reliable and knowledgeable concrete contractor in Beaumont, Texas, then look no further. We offer exceptional services at a competitive price. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver a product you will love for years to come. Contact us today to schedule a consultation – discover why we are the top choice for all your concrete needs.

Our Beaumont Concrete Services

We bring your concrete visions to life! From sturdy driveways to stunning patios and walkways, our contractors excel in constructing concrete masterpieces across Hardin, Jefferson and Orange counties. Our experienced team is dedicated to making your project a success.

We understand that good communication is crucial in any concrete project. That’s why we keep you in the loop from start to finish. Our commitment to customer satisfaction will be evident from the initial consultation to the final inspection, ensuring you’re completely satisfied with the end result.

We offer a range of expert services, including:

Concrete Patios

Unwind and entertain with ease on your dream patio. Our concrete patios offer a beautiful outdoor space that combines style and functionality.

Concrete is a top pick for its toughness and longevity. It weathers the elements with ease, keeping its stunning look for years to come, without fading or peeling like wooden alternatives. Invest in a low-maintenance solution that adds value to your home.

Our contractors are experts in patio design, knowledgeable in the materials and techniques needed to bring your vision to life. Let us guide you in creating the perfect patio for your needs. Contact us for a consultation and quote today.


A driveway is more than just a path to your door. It’s the first impression guests and neighbors get of your home. And with concrete, you can make a lasting statement.

Durable, easy to install, and budget-friendly, concrete driveways offer the best of both worlds. Plus, with a variety of finishes available, it can add both style and value to your property.

Trust us to create a beautiful and functional entrance to your home that will stand the test of time.

Sidewalks, Pathways & Edging

Walking on concrete pathways and sidewalks is a treat for the senses. Picture the look of sophistication and class that comes with a stylish concrete walkway, leading to the entrance of your property.

But it’s not just about their appearance – these concrete pathways are tough, weather-resistant, and a breeze to clean. They are the only practical choice for homeowners. And because we know that personal style matters, we offer a variety of colors, patterns, and shapes to choose from – so your walkway is as unique as you are.

At Beaumont Concrete Contractors, we’re the experts in sidewalk installation, repair, and maintenance. Let us show you the possibilities and bring your dream sidewalk to life! Reach out to us today and let’s start planning.


Look no further than concrete for a durable, low-maintenance and cost-effective flooring solution that also adds a touch of sophistication. Concrete is the perfect material for flooring in both residential and commercial properties – in terms of durability plus offering a wealth of customizing options.

Whether you’re looking to add a modern edge to your living room or want to upgrade the interior of a busy commercial building, concrete flooring should be your top choice. With a variety of finishes and customization options, this amazing flooring material will leave a lasting impression and add value to your space.

So why wait? Embrace the beauty and practicality of concrete flooring today!

Let Us transform Your dreams into concrete reality!

Stamped Concrete

Adding character to your outdoor or indoor spaces with stamped concrete isn’t just a practical solution, it’s also a stunning way to do it.

Imitating the look of natural materials such as timber, cobblestone, or flagstone, stamped concrete is a budget-friendly option that brings both style and resilience.

Whether you’re a Beaumont TX homeowner, business owner, or contractor, stamped (& stained) concrete offers an unbeatable combination of low maintenance and high impact that makes it the perfect choice for any space that demands both function and flair.

Slabs & Foundations

Looking for professional foundation contractors to help you with your next construction project? Look no further than Beaumont Concrete Contractors – the local experts in concrete foundation and slab installations.

From excavation and formwork to reinforcing bars and pouring, we’ll make sure your foundation is strong and secure. Our slabs are perfect for all kinds of applications, including driveways, patios, and walkways, and are reinforced with steel to ensure long-lasting durability.

Trust us to handle your next concrete project with skill and expertise!

Concrete Parking Lots

Concrete parking lots are less expensive to construct and maintain than asphalt parking lots. The initial installation costs are lower due to the need for less material. Additionally, because concrete is more durable and less likely to crack or chip, maintenance costs are lower.

Concrete parking lots also have a longer lifespan than asphalt parking lots and can last up to 25 years. This means businesses and municipalities can enjoy the benefits of a parking lot for a longer period of time.

Finally, concrete parking lots are more aesthetically pleasing and help create a more inviting space. With the addition of decorative color, stamping and texturing, businesses and municipalities can create a parking lot that is both functional and attractive.

Concrete Repairs & Maintenance

Beaumont Concrete Contractors specialize in repairing and maintaining concrete surfaces through patching, sealing, pressure washing, staining, and polishing.

We offer comprehensive services that include fixing cracks, holes, damaged sections, and restoring faded colors to create aesthetically pleasing appearances.

Our team of experts uses cement-based overlays and adds colors and textures to the surface for a durable finish.

We guarantee affordable prices while providing high-quality workmanship to bring new life to any unappealing concrete surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does concrete flooring differ from other flooring options?

Concrete flooring is both versatile and durable. From industrial chic to classic elegance, you can customize concrete to match your unique style. It’s especially sought-after or high-traffic areas.

Unlike competing materials, concrete can be stained, stamped, and painted, delivering a one-of-a-kind look. And when you take into account its resistance to moisture, stains, and scratches – this makes it the ultimate flooring solution for those who demand longevity and style.

How much does a typical residential project cost in Beaumont TX?

Want to know the cost of your concrete project in Beaumont Texas? It depends on various factors like size, complexity, materials, and location.

  • A basic concrete driveway may cost $3-$10/sq.ft. and a stamped concrete driveway $12-$18/sq.ft.
  • A basic patio may run you $8-$15/sq.ft., while a colored, stamped one may cost $15-$25/sq.ft.
  • For a pool deck, expect $15-$30/sq.ft. for basic, or $25-$35/sq.ft. for stamped, colored.

Keep in mind, these are just rough estimates. Contact Beaumont Concrete Contractors for an accurate cost estimate.

How long does it typically take to complete a project?

The completion time for a concrete project can vary depending on the scale and complexity of the project. Depending on when the project is undertaken, adverse weather conditions can also delay completion.

  • A basic concrete driveway or patio can typically be completed within a week or two, assuming favorable weather.
  • More complex projects such as stamped concrete or a pool deck can take up to a month or more.
  • The time frame also depends on project work load of our team as well as material availability.

Can concrete driveways and patios be repaired?

Absolutely! Concrete driveways and patios are tough, but they are not immune to damage over time. Whether you have cracks, chips, or fading, our team of experts can diagnose the problem and repair it promptly.

Our contractors use a combination of techniques, including filling cracks and holes, replacing damaged sections, and sealing to prevent further damage. Don’t let unsightly concrete surfaces detract from your property’s value – let us restore them to their former glory!

How does concrete resurfacing work?

Concrete resurfacing is a transformative process that gives new life to your concrete surfaces.

We first diagnose the damage and repair any cracks or imperfections, then lay down a robust cement-based overlay to reinforce the surface. Finally, we infuse color and texture to create an attractive, hard-wearing finish that will leave your space with a stunning, eye-catching appearance.

Say goodbye to cracked, dull, and unsightly concrete surfaces – our contractors use an innovative process will turn even the most damaged concrete into a mesmerizing masterpiece.

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